Pet Hair Removal Stone

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Have you ever wondered how we are so successful when removing pet hair from our customers vehicles? The answer is simple... and we will give you the secret..

Dog, cat, human hair removal tool. Pet hair rock stone for cleaning pet hair out of fabric seats, carpets, mats

We use a special tool called a Pet Hair Stone. It's not like a normal rock you would pick up in the yard, this tool has been designed to remove the toughest embedded hair from the fibers of your fabric!

Works great for removing
  • Dog Hair
  • Cat Hair
  • Human Hair
  • Perfect For Fabric Seats and Carpet!

How does it work?

  1. Use the stone like a brush in one direction
  2. Pile the hair in the middle
  3. Easily vacuum the hair and repeat until gone!

Pet hair removal stone for car carpet and fabric seats mats