Maintenance Clean Package

Coupe/Sedan- $150
Truck/SmallSuv- $175
LargeSuv/MiniVan- $200

Why maintain your vehicle?

Keeping your vehicle clean saves you time and money and will give you peace of mind, but how?

Time: Having your vehicle cleaned on a regular basis does not allow for dirt and grime to build up, It's a lot easier to clean your vehicle every 3-6 months rather than every 3-6 years.

Money: the day you decide to part ways with your vehicle, you will want maximum value from your investment. If the vehicle stays in great condition, always waxed and the interior surfaces clean, the vehicle will be worth more than if it is completely trashed and dirty.

Peace of mind: The difference in a clean vehicle and a dirty vehicle can ultimately effect your mood, live a clean lifestyle and be happy to get in your vehicle every day!

Pet hair Removal

For those who enjoy bringing their furry friends along with them in the car! You let them ride, we'll clean up the hair!


Pick up & Delivery
$2.50 per mile

We offer hassle free pick up and delivery! We will pick up your vehicle at your home or work and return it the same day! No more waiting at the detail shop or having to arrange a ride!