Buffing, Polishing & Ceramic Coating

Attention: There is a difference between machine "Polishing" and machine "Buffing"

  • "Machine Polishing" is the process of adding gloss and removing light swirl marks that can dull your paint.
  • "Machine Buffing" is the process of removing deep scratches and scuffs from the surface of the clear coat to provide a smooth and even finish.
  • "Wax, Sealants and Coatings" are simply just protectants that will allow for easier maintenance, protection from uv rays and bug remains. These protectants are great for adding gloss but WILL NOT remove scratches.

The prices below are for:
-Hand Wash
-Machine Polish 
-Standard wax

"Machine Polish"
{Exterior Only}
Coupe/Sedan $250
Truck/SmallSuv $300
LargeSuv/Minivan $350

The prices below are for:
-Hand Wash
-Machine Buffing
-Machine Polishing
-Standard wax

"Machine Buffing"
(Paint Correction)
{Exterior Only}
Coupe/Sedan- $750
Truck/SmallSuv- $1,000
LargeSuv/Minivan- $1,200

Ceramic Coating Application

Coatings are the toughest protection on the market. Allowing easier maintenance protection from UV rays, acidic rain, harsh chemicals and harmful road debris. This protection will last 1-2 years compared to the 1-3 months a standard hand wax will last!


Face of wheels only $200
Face and barrel(We remove Wheels)-$500
Face and barrel(Brand new in box)-$400

Interior Detail
Clean up the interior of your ride to compliment that brand new looking exterior!

+Deep clean add on $125