Fabric Extraction vs Shampoo. What is the difference?

Fabric Extraction vs Shampoo. What is the difference?

Fabric extraction is done with an extraction machine. This machine lifts stains and deep embedded dirt from beneath the surface, giving your fabric an all new feeling and look. This is the proper method of removing spills, water marks, built up grime, make-up, etc.


Shampoo simply means Soap. Soap is sprayed onto the fabric and scrubbed with a brush to handle more of the surface stains and dirt. We refer to this method as "surface cleaning" because you are not lifting the dirt and stains from beneath the surface as the extraction machine would do.


Often times, inexperienced persons who "shampoo" will soak your fabric with soap in hopes of removing stains but this simply does not work, the stains may appear to go away for a while but they will come back. Also the soap will just remain in your fabric creating a bond with future stains that make very hard to get out, even with the machine!


It's important to know what you are being sold by your detailer in terms of "extraction" VS "shampoo" because often times you think you're getting the deep stains removed with extraction when in reality they are just soaking it with soap!


Nwa Mobile Detail offers 2 options for fabric and leather care.

1- Deep clean (steam cleaner + fabric extractor) deep stains and embedded grime/dirt

2- Surface clean (chemical and brush) dust, light grime, surface dirt


If you have any questions, or feel this was relevant information, feel free to contact us anytime!



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